Officiating Matters – June 2019

News from GACUS June 2019

Welcome to more new members

You may not be aware, but for the first time we ran additional Stage 1 and 2 Umpire Training ourses over the last two Sundays. It proved very successful attracting 19 people with about half coming from all over the country. The remaining 50% were all from Gloucestershire and we’re delighted to welcome them all into the GACUS family. Hopefully, we’ll see many of them umpiring in the county as the season progresses.

Mid-season Seminar

Nearly 30 of our members attended this seminar last week and very successful it was too. For those that missed it, Bob Owen introduced group discussions on the challenging topic for officials of “Assertiveness versus Confrontation.” The feedback picked up lots of techniques and pointers to ensure we try and be assertive without losing the confidence of players and captains.

The second part of the evening saw the launch of a GACUS initiative. We are building up a “Good Ideas Bank.” These are not necessarily things we are taught or advised to do, but things that seem to work for you or that you have seen other umpires and scorers doing. We came up with a good list on Thursday and these are about to be added to the GACUS website. Have a look and see if any of them are worth a try!

We’ll be adding to this bank as fresh ideas are seen and brought to our attention. If you’ve got one, please send it to Peter Sawyer.

Support for Young Officials

As you are aware GACUS has taken a strong lead in attracting and supporting young umpires. We now have 10 who are fully trained and the next group who attended Introductory Training are already officiating with their clubs.

We want these youngsters to have the opportunity to stand in County District fixtures between bow and July 21st, but they have to stand with a fully trained ACO umpire. Mark and Tom tell me there are none showing on WTU. If you feel you could offer this support on a Sunday over the next 5 or 6 weeks, that would be great (full fees from the GCB). Please let Mark Haines know and it will give great encouragement to our young officials.

As you know we also use three of these young umpires t the Under 10 Festival which this year is at Beaudesert School in Minchinhampton for the week beginning Monday July 22nd. Several fully trained young umpires are free that week, but last year the experience that several of you offered these youngsters was invaluable and gratefully received. Again, please let Mark or Peter know if you can be there on any of these days.

Summer Social

A reminder that we are gathering at Cheltenham Cricket Club on Wednesday July 17th for the second night of the Arthur Bailey 20/20 Final. Geoff Trett is organising a barbecue and we’ll have four GACUS officials to admire! Match starts at 6pm.