Return to cricket for GACUS Members

Good morning 

As promised in my last message, I am writing again to tell you where GACUS have got to this week.

 Firstly, hopefully you have all received the guidance from the ECB to clubs and from ECBACO for officials.  Further copies of the guidance are attached.

You should also have been asked by John Lindley about your intentions regarding umpiring and scoring this year and thank you to everyone who has replied already.  If you’ve not received either of these it is most likely because your ACO membership has lapsed, so if you wish to officiate and get the insurance cover, you must have updated this beforehand.  We have also been told by the GCB and the County that they are still hoping that County Youth games will still be played, but final confirmation of this has not yet been received, but Tim Hancock would welcome our umpires and scorers when the time comes. 

Here are the plans and processes the GACUS Committee have agreed. 

Appointments for Saturdays from July 25th As you are aware, there will be no standard appointments this summer.  The onus is on clubs if they want qualified umpires and we see our role as just facilitating that.  Some clubs are already making their own arrangements and you may have already been approached especially if you are affiliated to a club.  That is fine, but I will also be writing to all Gloucestershire WEPL captains and managers, as well as the GCCL, later today to offer to find umpires from GACUS if they wish.  Our Appointments Officer, Mark Haines, will facilitate this with two caveats.  Firstly, clubs will need to contact their opponents because we will only appoint two umpires.  The reason for this is because if clubs have asked non-qualified people to stand, that places an unfair burden on any of you in ensuring the guidelines are fully followed.  Of course, if the other club has already asked one of you, then that’s fine and we’ll just go for one other umpire.  Mark will also be looking to ensure appointments are as close to your home address as possible.

The second caveat is that we are asking for a reduced fee of £25 per umpire to be paid directly by the clubs.  We would ask any umpires we appoint to liaise with the captains or managers as to how you want to receive this money as many people are trying to avoid using cash at present.  Neither WEPL nor GACUS will be engaged in this process.  We arrived at this figure in recognition that the clubs are stretched financially without their normal income streams.  For WEPL clubs this is a 50% reduction.  Those who’ve been contacted directly by clubs, it is up to you to either use this figure or negotiate your own arrangements.

 Les Clemenson will be posting the WEPL fixtures on Who’s The Umpire (WTU) and Mark will be doing the same with any GCCL fixtures we can provide with umpires. 

Availability For both umpires and scorers, please could you indicate your availability on WTU?  This goes up to September 5th for Saturdays.  It would help if you could show for Sundays and midweek for the GCB managed games for when we know if they are going ahead.  Mark Haines is the Umpire Appointments Officer for both GACUS and GACO and Malcolm Doody has been asked to co-ordinate scorer appointments for GCB matches.  If you can’t find yourself on WTU, please let Mark know so he can sort this out.  As Mark is working long days, it will be best to contact him via email  Please let Mark or Malcolm know if there are any things you want to check or discuss.  Malcolm is .

 These appointments will then be shown in the normal way on WTU. 

For those recently-trained umpires, if you want to get started now, please don’t be afraid to ask Mark, myself or any of the tutor team you met to help get you fully prepared, starting with using WTU. Other things  If any umpires require team cards and/or match record cards normally available at the Pre-Season Seminar, I’m afraid you’ll have to come over to Painswick to pick them up.  Please contact me to arrange things.

 Finally, the guidelines are very demanding and I expect some of you doing games tomorrow are getting ready in a slightly different way, finding your own bails, sanitisers and of course your tea.  We feel your management of the guidelines should be seen in a similar way as how we manage Ground Weather and Light.  While ACO insurance doesn’t cover illness to yourself, applying the guidelines accurately will ensure any comeback will find you absolved of any blame.  However, as I said last time, people are desperately keen to just be playing and officiating again, so we hope you will manage any breaches sympathetically.   The key is the pre-toss meeting and we see no reason why you shouldn’t invite the club’s nominated person for the guidelines to join you and the captains 

The guidelines we have make reference to using Law 41 and Law 42 and of course that remains an option.  But we feel that by working closely with the captains and gently reminding them and the players of things they may forget in the excitement of playing again, recourse to reporting shouldn’t become an issue.  Maybe stopping every 6 overs might also help them realise it’s not normal! 

As always, if there are any things you want further guidance on or you’re not sure of, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any of u

 Peter Sawyer GACUS Secretary