Officiating Matters – February 20

News from GACUS                                                                           February 2020 Firstly a very warm welcome to those new members who have joined GACUS since the end of last season.  Hopefully, there’ll be a few more after the Stage 1 and 2 training.  Your GACUS Officers and their teams are already actively preparing for the season ahead with several exciting new … Read more Officiating Matters – February 20

Phil Smith Beyond the Boundary #15

Grammar Beaudesert School on Minchinhampton Common is the venue for this summer’s District U10 Cricket Festival, but it’s a slow last mile or so as the local livestock is out and about, seemingly with little knowledge of the Highway Code. Aficionados of Lynne Truss’s entertaining examination of the effects of punctuation (or lack of) in … Read more Phil Smith Beyond the Boundary #15