Committee Members


Performance Bob Owen
AppointmentsMark Haines (League)
Ian Wright (Schools)
Training (Umpires)Bob Owen
Webmaster & Publicity Craig

Additional posts and representatives

Members Secretary
Bob Murray
Rep to GACOPeter Sawyer
Rep to Gloucestershire County Cricket LeagueClive Poulton
Peter Sawyer
Rep to WEPL and WEPL panel Bob Owen
Rep to CDCA Alan Jennings

Short Biography – Clive Poulton, GACUS Chairman

My parents encouraged and supported me to play cricket from an early age and I remember clearly playing for my primary school at the age of 9. I have enjoyed playing a wide range of sport over the years and, for me, cricket is finest game ever invented. Cricket was a key part of my life growing up in Surrey and also subsequently for our family. We were involved in club cricket in Sussex, Kent and Bedfordshire before moving to Gloucestershire in 1986.

I moved to Gloucestershire for a business opportunity, having worked previously for a multi-national oil company in London. Working as a partner in a consultancy practice involved extensive travel throughout Europe and also in the USA and Asia. The busy schedule left little time for cricket but when I became semi-retired in 2011, I took the opportunity to train as an umpire because I wanted to stay in the game. I have thoroughly enjoyed umpiring and have made friends through being a member of GACUS.

Cricket continues to evolve and go through change. In GACUS, we can be proud of the contribution we make in providing umpires and scorers to officiate in recreational cricket throughout our region and beyond. Our Association continues to aspire to and maintain the high, professional standards our members deliver throughout the Summer and also during the Winter Indoor season.

GACUS prides itself on the standards of training and ongoing development and support it provides for our members. We are keen to attract new members to join us and enjoy what officiating in recreational cricket has to offer. Being part of the game, enabling those who play to enjoy their cricket and to attract and retain younger members, are key objectives as we go forward.

We are always pleased to meet and talk with people who enjoy cricket and perhaps are considering how they could get more involved in umpiring and scoring. They may be playing the game or keen observers but they share one common interest in participating in some way.

Do please get in touch if you would like to find out more about what becoming a member of GACUS could mean for you. We’d be delighted to hear from you.